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Divissima UK

Divissima UK

Made in Italy

If you've got it - flaunt it! It's the Divissima UK website, where you can certainly find items to show off your assets on the beach or in the home. Visit their website for a great range of lingerie and beachwear.

Divissima UK:

"Shop on line Mini Micro Bikini and sensual lingerie Divissima

Divissima is the world leader manufacturer of micro mini bikini, its wide range of products are made in Italy.

The Divissima bathing suits is characterized by the small dimensions of its micro tiny bikini, sheer bikinis, thongs, shorts, tops; pareo; beachwear and a lot of fashion beach-accessories.

Divissima has also an underwear collection, which includes g-strings; knickers; tangas; corset; suspenders; bra and leggings in order to satisfy all the women’ needs.

The Divissima collection also includes sensual cosmetics, adhesive tattoo, elegant and sensual cashmere, shoes".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Divissima UK

http://www.divissima.it/mini-bikini/lang-en/ affiliate program is with Webgains

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